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What is a spiritual session with spiritual counselor Yukie Izumi?

 A spiritual session combines "reading" and "spiritual counseling/spiritual coaching."

Contents of Reading

  • Message reading from Higher Self

  • Aura and chakra readings

  • Fortune reading (luck in money, work, health, relationships, and love)

  • Soulmate Reading

  • Past life readings that are influencing you now

  • Message reading from your guardian being

 In the reading, spiritual counselor Yukie Izumi accesses the client's Higher Self, or Higher Self, and delivers a message. She can also see the color and condition of your aura and chakras. These energetic states reveal your present, past, and future state. The state of your aura and chakras can represent many different things. These include your current thoughts and feelings, what will happen in the future, the flow of fortune in the near future, influences in the near past, other people's thoughts, matters related to your soul mate, blocks from past experiences, traumas, and so on.

 In some sessions, ancestors, family members, and loved ones who have passed on before you may come into contact with you. In addition to your Higher Self, other beings protect and guide you. During the session, messages from these guardian spirits and guiding spirits will also be conveyed.

What is a Higher Self?

 The higher self is one's own soul that exists in a higher dimension or trans-dimensional realm than the manifest or subconscious mind. Your Higher Self is always guiding you to "fulfill the purpose you were born. There is a realm of the soul called the Higher Self in every person. Everyone has a stage of themselves closer to the Creator or God, in the form of a spirit that transcends the physical body. Which dimension or realm of the Higher Self comes into contact with you depends on each session and its content.

Spiritual Counseling/Spiritual Coaching

 A spiritual session is more than just delivering a message from your Higher Self. It is about helping you to make the most of the messages given to you and how you can apply them to your life. There is no one-way delivery of messages, no instructions or commands from invisible beings. The session unfolds so that you can find the answers on your own.

 The role of spiritual counselor Yukie Izumi is to help you from a spiritual aspect so that you can run the shortest distance in your life. To this end, she uses the techniques of reading to convey messages, spiritual coaching for the part of clarifying what you want, and spiritual counseling for the part of releasing blocks.

 In many cases, there are things (blocks) preventing you from moving forward. Spiritual counselor Yukie Izum helps you release the blocks in a session and clarify what you really want. What you truly desire is connected to the purpose for which you were born.

What spiritual counselor Yukie Izumi will tell you & work on in a session

  • The purpose for which you were born.

  • What the Creator (the eternal source of life) wants you to do on earth through you.

  • Your mission, your role, your on earth.

  • The purpose for which you were born.

  • Messages from your Higher Self, Guardian Spirits, and Guiding Spirits reveal what you truly desire.

  • Release blocks that are preventing you from gaining confidence and certainty.

  • Reveal patterns blocking your natural energy flow and show you how to correct them in the direction you desire.

  • How to cleanse your aura, chakras, and biofield.

  • How to connect with your Higher Self.

  • How to be grounded and realistically successful while using your spiritual power.

  • How to use the tool of abundance called money wisely.

  • Law of Attraction and how to use it.

Sessions are recommended for:

  • Those who want to know if they made the right choice in their current life.

  • Those who want to know what they decided before they were born and their mission in this life.

  • Those who want to know what they need to do in the rest of their lives to fulfill the purpose for which they were born.

  • Those who want to know about past lives that have influenced their current life.

  • Those who want to meet their soul mate.

  • Those who want to know their current energy state, aura, chakra state, etc.

  • Those who want to know their current luck and biorhythms.

  • Those who wish to reveal and release any blocks that are preventing the flow.

  • Those who wish to receive messages from their Higher Self.

  • Those who wish to strengthen their connection with their Higher Self.

  • Those who want to look at themselves objectively and gain awareness.

  • Those who really want to change their lives.

  • Those who want to live their lives as they are.

  • Those who want to take themselves to a higher level.

  • Those who want to be financially successful with their feet on the ground.

  • Those who want to balance spirituality and money.

  • Those who want to change their lives from the ground up.

  • Those who want to break the vicious circle and karma they have lived in.

  • Those who want to let go of anxiety and fear, and gain unshakable confidence.

Spiritual sessions are available in person and online.

Sessions are available in 60, 90, and 120-minute time slots.

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Sessions can be booked through Calendly.





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