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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use


  1. Applies to all services.

  2. Please read before purchasing services.





Informed Consent and Disclaimer


  1. Applies to all purchases.

  2. The client acknowledges and accepts the following information, terms, and disclaimers by booking and purchasing spiritual counseling.





About Spiritual Sessions


  1. When you purchase a session, you hire Yukie Izumi as a spiritual counselor (fortune teller/psychic medium).

  2. The purpose of the session is to contribute to improving the client's soul evolution by conveying invisible information. 

  3. Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi cannot provide psychic readings related to the search for missing persons.

  4. The advice provided in a spiritual session is based on Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi's intuition and psychic sense and years of experience and research.

  5. It is understood that Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi will do her best to receive messages from your Higher Self and guides and share all pertinent information.

  6. Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi does not claim to be perfect and cannot guarantee that she will tell you what you want to hear, that you will be able to verify or identify each of her readings, or that the session will be perfect. Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi cannot guarantee that the session will be perfect.

  7. Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi is honest about the information she receives during a session and does her best to please her clients. 

  8. Spiritual sessions and work are not given in the form of a tangible object or product.

  9. Please understand that spiritual sessions and work do not always provide the expected results.

  10. Consultations include the opinions of Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi, what she perceives using her intuition and psychic sense, and are based on her years of research and experience as a messenger from the unseen world and is only her personal experience.

  11. Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi can only tell you what she saw or did not see during the session.

  12. Spiritual counseling is considered private communication between Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi and the client.

  13. There is no question and answer session or work content after the spiritual session or work is completed.

  14. Please schedule another spiritual session if you have any questions after the spiritual session or work.

  15. Nothing provided in a session is intended to substitute for medical treatment (including psychiatric treatment, diagnosis, or treatment of any condition or disease) or medical treatment.





About Online Sessions


  1. Sessions are designed to bring you into a high-energy state of consciousness, which may cause you to fall asleep suddenly. Please attend online sessions in a safe and private space where it is safe to fall asleep. You may not participate while driving a car, traveling on public transportation, or working on a task that requires concentration.

  2. For online sessions, participants must access the designated URL at the session time.

  3. Online sessions will be conducted via zoom. Please download the application and set up the environment beforehand.






About Animal Reading Sessions


  1. When you purchase a session, you hire Yukie Izumi as a spiritual counselor (fortune teller/psychic medium).

  2. Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi is unable to discipline or train animals.

  3. Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi cannot search for missing animals.

  4. Animals for in-person sessions must be kept in a cage and on a leash. Please do not let your animal out of the cage until the Spiritual Counselor, Yukie Izumi, instructs you.

  5. Animals that are sick cannot be seen during a face-to-face session. In such cases, readings will be done from photographs.

  6.  It is understood that  that Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi is not a veterinarian, homeopath, medical doctor, or animal trainer, nor does she make any such claims.

  7. Spiritual Counseling by Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi is not intended or recommended to be used as a substitute for conventional veterinary care. 

  8. Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi always recommends that you consult with a licensed professional in your field, such as a veterinary, homeopathic, or animal trainer.

  9. Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi can receive messages from animals, but it is always recommended that your animal be strengthened in the real world through good training and discipline. 

  10. The ultimate responsibility for the animal's care, treatment, and life rests with you, the client.

  11. Viewing the animal's health through reading, as with any intuitive counseling, is intended only as a complementary tool in conjunction with traditional veterinary examination and treatment.

  12. The client agrees to inform Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi or her staff of any changes in the animal's condition as soon as the client becomes aware of them. In the event of the animal's passing (death), Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi can still communicate with the animal's spirit. 






Reservations and Cancellations


  1. Reservations are by appointment only. Reservations are confirmed upon receipt of payment.

  2. Reservations will not be accepted on the same day or the day before. Reservations will be closed 48 hours before the desired date and time.

  3. Preparation for spiritual readings and sessions begins 48 hours before the session to allow spiritual counselor Yukie Izumi to prepare her energetic state, prepare the space, and connect with the client's Higher Self. She will also begin downloading information for the session 48 hours in advance. For this reason, no refunds will be given for last-minute cancellations. Please check your schedule before you register.

  4. Please reschedule at least 48 hours; rescheduling less than 48 hours in advance will incur a rescheduling fee of ¥5,280.

  5. If you do not notify us of your delay 12 minutes after the session start time, your appointment will be cancelled on the day of the session. No refunds will be made in such cases.

  6. If you are not at home when an appointment is made, the session will be canceled on the day of the appointment. No refunds will be made in this case.





Refund Policy


  1. No refunds are guaranteed after the session or work is completed.

  2. The fee is for the time of spiritual counselor Yukie Izumi. Suppose you have any complaints after the spiritual session or work, such as that the session was not what you expected, that it did not meet your expectations, or that you are not satisfied with the session. In that case, there is no refund as payment for the reading and the session time.







  1. The content of consultations and files is personal information and will not be used to identify individuals. However, stories from sessions involving Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi may be used in future publications and will only be revealed in full with the client's consent. Similarly, the client agrees that the content of any session with Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi will not be published in any country or any format (digital, blog, etc.) without the prior written consent of Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi.

  2. Publication of session content constitutes an infringement of copyright.

  3. All rights to the session's content, materials provided, audio data, etc., belong to Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi.







  1. Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi may make additional changes or deletions to the terms and conditions at any time without notice.

  2. The above rules and regulations will remain in effect even after the session.

  3. By submitting your application and payment, you agree that you have read this page in its entirety and agree to the terms and conditions.



For more information about travel and transportation fees, please see here.



For inquiries and contact information, please check here.







 By purchasing a spiritual session or service and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you also hereby release and hold harmless Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi, her staff, and Spiritual Counselor Izumi's agents from liability for any suggestions, information; you hereby release and hold harmless Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi from any liability for accidents, damage to myself or animals, personal property, and property loss that may occur during or after said spiritual counseling or workshop, in accordance with any suggestions, information, instructions, or advice given by Yukie Izumi, staff of Yukie Izumi, and agents of Yukie Izumi, Spiritual Counselor.

 In addition, by participating in this spiritual session, you agree to abide by all the terms of the above agreement and release form.

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