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"Being Yourself" by AKEMI OGAWA Linen Dress Design

 I want to introduce a book that I have translated. It is "Being Yourself" by AKEMI OGAWA Linen Dress Design. It is a collection of linen dress designs by Akemi Ogawa, a designer who makes linen dresses. As a spiritual counselor and translator, I supported Akemi's first publication. (I am currently taking a break from translating due to my busy schedule as a spiritual counselor.)

 The design drawings are done with colored pencils, and they emanate soft and gentle energy. The book also includes photos of the actual products that were created from the design drawings. You can see both the pictures and the images. When you look at the actual work, you can see how the vision in Akemi's mind is transformed into reality, materialized, and three-dimensional changed like this! I was intrigued and fascinated.

 I can almost smell a good fragrance from this collection of works. The text accompanying the design drawings expresses the concept of the dresses in poem-like sentences. The text is relaxing and sometimes makes you realize what is going on. I feel that each dress has a blueprint that energetically expresses the dress and the creator's intention.

 Akemi's personality is evident in her gentle drawings and elegant writing. The designs include colorful and beautiful colors, comfortable linens, and attractive dress designs that enhance femininity. Akemi's website sells these dresses.

 Thank you, Akemi, for introducing spiritual counselor Yukie Izumi on the book's last page.

↑The photo here is one of the photos taken of Akemi Ogawa during a spiritual photo session. (Photo sessions are not available due to my busy spiritual sessions.)


"Being Yourself" by AKEMI OGAWA Linen Dress Design

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Akemi Ogawa's homepage

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 Congratulations on winning first place in the Kindle Amazon Kindle Crafts & Hobbies and Fashion Craft categories!

 I hope this collection book, "Being Yourself" by AKEMI OGAWA Linen Dress Design, will reach many people on a rainbow-colored soap bubble!





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