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The Purpose of Reincarnation and Its Realization

The purpose you were born is to bring the Creator's purpose into reality in this world.

 We were born on this earth with a purpose. That purpose is " bringing the Creator's purpose to life. Therefore, when you achieve the purpose you were born on this earth, you accomplish the Creator's intention. This embodiment is linked to the evolution of the universe as a whole. It is also intricately interwoven and connected with each person's small actions.

 Remembering and achieving the purpose for which you were born is a link to the Creator's consciousness (the realm of the eternal source of life). Linking to that consciousness allows you to download information from a higher dimension. It could be called remembering the memory of the soul.

How to start awakening dormant potentials and abilities

 As you begin to link to the Creator Consciousness (the realm of the Eternal Life Source), your previously dormant potentials and abilities will start to awaken. And little by little, you will begin to prepare yourself to strengthen your connection with your own Higher Self. Because the purpose you were born is linked to the "evolution of the universe as a whole," all of your personal functions will begin to operate at total capacity when you fulfill that purpose. In other words, activation at the DNA level begins to occur.

 When you fulfill the purpose for which you were born, it may not happen immediately. It may not go smoothly. Often, you will have to walk with patience. You may experience difficulties and hardships. But those difficulties and hardships are scheduled on your blueprint. And your Higher Self knows that you will surpass them.


 By going beyond those difficulties and hardships, you will be able to develop your abilities and talents that have been dormant until now. Along the way, you may experience irreplaceable encounters. You may even attract a soul mate. You will experience a transition from the world you left behind to a new and different world.

 When you experience failure and can use it as data for success, the experience is no longer a "failure. It becomes "the experience and data necessary for success."

 When you pass through these "not easy paths," you will build confidence and certainty. Confidence and certainty are not given to you by others, but you cultivate them yourself. What you have allowed flourishing, nourishing, and build this way cannot be taken away or erased by others. On the other hand, if you easily download or copy something that belongs to someone else, it is not yours and can quickly disappear or be taken away from you by someone else.

When you realize the purpose for which you were born, you have support at the universal level.

When you remember the purpose for which you were born and take action to realize it, you are cooperating with the "evolution of the entire universe. When you do this, you get support from a greater level. In addition to the guiding beings (guardian spirits) that exist at higher frequency levels to protect and guide you, beings such as elements and spirits also begin to help you. For example, land spirits, water spirits, fire spirits, atmospheric spirits, etheric beings, etc. Other dimensions, other planets, and other systems of beings will also begin to help you.

 Your soul's purpose is grander than you think. Your Higher Self, your guides, have planned your soul purpose from a higher perspective. As you become more aware of who you are, you will realize that your current choices and your life to date have been in the right direction.

 Guides and your Higher Self may prevent you from going in a direction that is not what you were born to do, from the unseen world. They may try to keep you on your original path. For example, things can suddenly go wrong; you can get sick or injured, lose a lot of money, or get into big trouble. They always try to remind you from the unseen world to stay on the right path.

 Life transitions do not happen by chance. There is guidance from the unseen world. In the process of achieving the purpose for which you were born, you will discover that support and help for you came from the unseen world. This awareness of what is happening on the unseen level will deepen your conviction that the universe is loved and needed.

What is your purpose in this life engraved in your soul's blueprint?

 You were born with a "plan to be born in this world and accomplish in this life." It is the blueprint of your soul. You have decided with your guides what your soul blueprint will be before you are born.

 The purpose for which you were born into this world may appear in the dreams and goals you want to achieve. Perhaps you may find the answer in your current profession or job. You may also know it in your dreams and guidance. Life will naturally lead you to the realization of your soul's blueprint. This is because your guides (guardian spirits and your own Higher Self) are always guiding you from the unseen world.

 You have arrived at this program not by chance but by the guidance of your Higher Self. This is because the time has come for the soul to access its "purpose of birth."

Benefits of remembering and realizing the purpose for which you were born

  • Things run smoothly

  • Raise funds for the purpose

  • Meet collaborators

  • Meet your soul mate

  • Good human resources

  • Meet people with a high level of awareness

  • Be guided to a good piece of land or property

  • Experience better timing

  • Encountering an event in which you feel the protection of an invisible entity

  • Gain inspiration and good ideas

  • Connect to a "consciousness" to which you may not have had access.

  • Become enlightened and wise

  • Awakening of dormant potentials and ability

  • Gain confidence and certainty

  • feel easier to make big decisions.

  • Feel more connected to your Higher Self

  • Excited about the future

  • Feel a more profound sense of fulfillment and contentment

  • Feel a deeper understanding of accomplishment

  • Feel energized.

  • Feel happiness

  • You'll love yourself more.

  • A feeling of gratitude

  • Dissolving Karma

One person's awakening awakens the collective consciousness.