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The Purpose of Reincarnation and Its Realization

The purpose you were born is to bring the Creator's purpose into reality in this world.

 We were born on this earth with a purpose. That purpose is " bringing the Creator's purpose to life. Therefore, when you achieve the purpose you were born on this earth, you accomplish the Creator's intention. This embodiment is linked to the evolution of the universe as a whole. It is also intricately interwoven and connected with each person's small actions.

 Remembering and achieving the purpose for which you were born is a link to the Creator's consciousness (the realm of the eternal source of life). Linking to that consciousness allows you to download information from a higher dimension. It could be called remembering the memory of the soul.

How to start awakening dormant potentials and abilities

 As you begin to link to the Creator Consciousness (the realm of the Eternal Life Source), your previously dormant potentials and abilities will start to awaken. And little by little, you will begin to prepare yourself to strengthen your connection with your own Higher Self. Because the purpose you were born is linked to the "evolution of the universe as a whole," all of your personal functions will begin to operate at total capacity when you fulfill that purpose. In other words, activation at the DNA level begins to occur.

 When you fulfill the purpose for which you were born, it may not happen immediately. It may not go smoothly. Often, you will have to walk with patience. You may experience difficulties and hardships. But those difficulties and hardships are scheduled on your blueprint. And your Higher Self knows that you will surpass them.


 By going beyond those difficulties and hardships, you will be able to develop your abilities and talents that have been dormant until now. Along the way, you may experience irreplaceable encounters. You may even attract a soul mate. You will experience a transition from the world you left behind to a new and different world.

 When you experience failure and can use it as data for success, the experience is no longer a "failure. It becomes "the experience and data necessary for success."

 When you pass through these "not easy paths," you will build confidence and certainty. Confidence and certainty are not given to you by others, but you cultivate them yourself. What you have allowed flourishing, nourishing, and build this way cannot be taken away or erased by others. On the other hand, if you easily download or copy something that belongs to someone else, it is not yours and can quickly disappear or be taken away from you by someone else.

When you realize the purpose for which you were born, you have support at the universal level.

When you remember the purpose for which you were born and take action to realize it, you are cooperating with the "evolution of the entire universe. When you do this, you get support from a greater level. In addition to the guiding beings (guardian spirits) that exist at higher frequency levels to protect and guide you, beings such as elements and spirits also begin to help you. For example, land spirits, water spirits, fire spirits, atmospheric spirits, etheric beings, etc. Other dimensions, other planets, and other systems of beings will also begin to help you.

 Your soul's purpose is grander than you think. Your Higher Self, your guides, have planned your soul purpose from a higher perspective. As you become more aware of who you are, you will realize that your current choices and your life to date have been in the right direction.

 Guides and your Higher Self may prevent you from going in a direction that is not what you were born to do, from the unseen world. They may try to keep you on your original path. For example, things can suddenly go wrong; you can get sick or injured, lose a lot of money, or get into big trouble. They always try to remind you from the unseen world to stay on the right path.

 Life transitions do not happen by chance. There is guidance from the unseen world. In the process of achieving the purpose for which you were born, you will discover that support and help for you came from the unseen world. This awareness of what is happening on the unseen level will deepen your conviction that the universe is loved and needed.

What is your purpose in this life engraved in your soul's blueprint?

 You were born with a "plan to be born in this world and accomplish in this life." It is the blueprint of your soul. You have decided with your guides what your soul blueprint will be before you are born.

 The purpose for which you were born into this world may appear in the dreams and goals you want to achieve. Perhaps you may find the answer in your current profession or job. You may also know it in your dreams and guidance. Life will naturally lead you to the realization of your soul's blueprint. This is because your guides (guardian spirits and your own Higher Self) are always guiding you from the unseen world.

 You have arrived at this program not by chance but by the guidance of your Higher Self. This is because the time has come for the soul to access its "purpose of birth."

Benefits of remembering and realizing the purpose for which you were born

  • Things run smoothly

  • Raise funds for the purpose

  • Meet collaborators

  • Meet your soul mate

  • Good human resources

  • Meet people with a high level of awareness

  • Be guided to a good piece of land or property

  • Experience better timing

  • Encountering an event in which you feel the protection of an invisible entity

  • Gain inspiration and good ideas

  • Connect to a "consciousness" to which you may not have had access.

  • Become enlightened and wise

  • Awakening of dormant potentials and ability

  • Gain confidence and certainty

  • feel easier to make big decisions.

  • Feel more connected to your Higher Self

  • Excited about the future

  • Feel a more profound sense of fulfillment and contentment

  • Feel a deeper understanding of accomplishment

  • Feel energized.

  • Feel happiness

  • You'll love yourself more.

  • A feeling of gratitude

  • Dissolving Karma

One person's awakening awakens the collective consciousness.

 The purpose for which you were born does not concern only you. It is also closely related to the purpose of the collective consciousness of the people around you, society, and humanity. In other words, when you fulfill the purpose for which you were born, you contribute to raising and awakening the level of consciousness of others.

 When you fulfill your birth purpose, you contribute to creating an environment from the collective consciousness level that helps others remember or move in the direction of their birth purpose. Now I will explain why this is so. Those who have awakened to their soul purpose have increased energy flowing into the energetic conduits that connect them to their Creator. That energy comes from the Creator, the source of eternal life. The vibration of energy from the Creator maintains the highest frequency. It switches on the soul awakening of others.

 Everything is made of energy. Everything also maintains the unique vibration that it represents. The vibration of the energy of "purpose of birth" is purer than the energy of selfishness. It has a higher energy level and can positively influence the people around it from a subconscious level. Also, when you think about the purpose for which you were born and put it into action, you create energy with attitude and action. This energy has the power to change reality.

 Your evolution is not just one person's, but it boosts the entire collective consciousness.

 The purpose for which you were born is not small, but part of a larger purpose that is connected to the whole. When those purposes are being fulfilled, you will inevitably receive support on a cosmic level.

12-month program: To help you remember the purpose you were born with and realize what your soul truly desires in this life.

 This course is a long-term spiritual coaching program to help you remember your life's purpose and realize what your soul truly desires in life.

 In each session, spiritual counselor Yukie Izumi will receive and convey messages from your Higher Self (a part of your soul that exists in a higher dimension).

 This course is designed to help you realize your greater intention of "realizing the purpose you were born in this life" from a spiritual coaching perspective. To discover this purpose, you must sit down and work on it over a long period.

 Below are six reasons why we offer this program for the long term.

  1. Knowing the "resistance to change" that occurs in the brain.

  2. Essential to create new habits

  3. Maintaining Motivation

  4. Course Correction and How to Check

  5. On protecting yourself from energetic attacks and negative energy from others

  6. On dissolving karma

1. Knowing the "resistance to change" that occurs in the brain: Starting something new requires enormous energy. At that time, "resistance to change" appears in the brain. Therefore, it is often the case that people do not continue with new things or return to their original state of nature. To solve this problem, regular sessions are an excellent way to know what is happening inside you and get solutions. Regular sessions also make it easier for you to become aware of your own physical and mental state.

2. Essential to create new habits: One of the purposes you were born is to change your current reality. That is, to make changes in your life. To change something, it is necessary to devote energy to changing reality by taking action to change it for a certain period. The fastest way is to make the new behavior a habit. In brain science, it takes at least two months for a new pattern to take hold. Attending regular sessions helps maintain self-discipline and motivation during this time.

3. On Maintaining Motivation: Everyone's motivation can decline at times. Learning recovery techniques when motivation drops can be helpful in other areas of your life. Also, having regular sessions booked will make it easier to do the "things" that need to be done by the due date.

4. Course correction and how to check: Are current thoughts and actions deviating from the objective? It is crucial to have a system that allows you to check your goals to ensure that you are running the shortest distance possible. Getting off the path wastes precious time in your life. The program has a writeable workbook. By answering the questions and writing through the workbook, you can check by yourself whether your current choices are correct and whether you are on the right path.

5. On protecting yourself from the attacks and negative energy from others: There are beings (people/spirits, and entities) in this world that can sabotage those who realize the purpose of their birth. It would be best if you didn't get caught up in jealousy, victimhood, or energies that drag you down. In this course, you will learn how to protect your energy. And if you do get caught up, you can find a way to resolve it through email support and sessions.

6. On dissolving karma: The purpose for which one is born is often linked to the dissolution of karma. Therefore, when this program starts, karma that needs to be dissolved may come to the surface. During the session, you will receive messages from your Higher Self about the meaning of the karma that has surfaced and how to deal with it. Regular attendance at sessions will enable you to move toward the realization of your birth purpose in the shortest possible distance without being disturbed by the energy of the surfaced karma.

Benefits of Continuation Programs

 Here are three benefits of taking the continuity program.

  1. You can make the necessary actions into habits without consciously doing them.

  2. Easier to maintain the physical and mental state and environment for maximum results with minimum effort.

  3. Can clarify how to run the shortest distance in life.

1. You can make the necessary actions into habits without consciously doing them.

 The goal of the continuity program is to "make necessary behavior habitual. When we make a conscious action into an unconscious habit, the action becomes automatic.

 For example, you brush your teeth every day to keep them healthy. Even if you are not consciously aware of it, you do it at a certain time every day or after a specific action (e.g., after a meal).

 When it becomes a habit, your brain operates with minimal energy so that you can brush your teeth "as a matter of course." And thanks to the daily routine of brushing your teeth, you can prevent cavities and maintain good oral health.

 When you introduce a new habit into your daily routine, your brain uses a lot of energy to cope with the change. When an action is not a habit, it takes a lot of energy for the brain to carry it out, and emotions such as "it's a bother" arise and interfere with the execution of the action. However, if you continue to take a new action for a period of time without letting these feelings get in the way, your brain will begin to adapt to the new habit. Then the action will take place on autopilot, and the new habit will become a part of your life. As a result, your reality begins to change.

2. Easier to maintain the physical and mental state and environment for maximum results with minimum effort.

 Spiritual sessions can help you stay highly motivated and maintain a good mental state and soul vibrations. It is about keeping the mind, spirit, and soul in an ideal condition and environment for evolution and improvement.

 This environment provides the conditions for you to strengthen your connection with your Higher Self, get great ideas, and achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

 The session will also review your progress from a counseling and coaching perspective. By doing so, it is possible to notice things that you may not have seen before. When deep awareness occurs, people naturally change. Therefore, even if an event seems like a failure, it is possible to maintain a positive mindset that allows you to convert the experience into data for success.

  By maintaining the opportunity to receive regular sessions in the continuity program, it is possible to upgrade the normal state (default mode) to a better state. It is an upgrade in the way you think, the way you see things, the way you perceive things, your beliefs, your confidence, your motivation, your ability to deal with problems, and your connection to your Higher Self.

 When the normal state of affairs is upgraded, it is possible for the results that emerge to be quicker and for a higher level of reality to be realized.

3. Can clarify how to run the shortest distance in life.

  If you are to fulfill the purpose you were born, it is not enough to imagine it. You must obtain a clear vision and plan to accomplish your goal. Also, by identifying priorities, you will know what to do and when to do it, and you will be able to concretize your actions.

 After taking action, reflect on the action and ask, "What do I need to do next?" Always think about the following. Continuing those consistent actions until they are achieved is the fastest way to run the shortest distance to achieve the purpose you were born.

  1. Make the images in your mind concrete.

  2. Think about what actions you need to take to make it happen—listing the ideas that come to mind.

  3. Prioritizing actions.

  4. Stay motivated and keep taking action.

  5. Reflect on what actions you have taken and identify why you failed to take them.

  6. Acknowledge small steps

  7. Turning failures into data for success

 You will be asked to reflect on 1-7 above on your own. We will also do the reflection together at each session. The third part, prioritizing your actions, is crucial because you may take a detour or not get to your destination if you choose the wrong priorities. If you have any concerns, you can check your priorities with our e-mail support.

 The way to get maximum results with minimum effort is to get professional help instead of doing everything by yourself, such as making the first seven items listed above a habit, identifying your priorities, and responding when your motivation drops. For example, taking this program is one way to get maximum results with minimum effort with the help of a professional.

 Many successful people achieve success by focusing on what only they can do. It will be essential to identify what you are not good at and what others can do and let go of those things.

 Achieving your soul's purpose requires a tremendous amount of energy. Also, achieving your dreams and goals means that your current reality will change. However, you will achieve anything you want with perseverance and continuous work.

Types of support you will get in this course

  1. Spiritual messages conveyed by Higher Self and guides

  2. Spiritual counseling and spiritual coaching

  3. Spiritual Advice for Brain Resistance to Life Changes

  4. Lessons on "cosmic savings" and cultivating an abundance mindset

  5. Workbook

  6. Email Support

1. Spiritual messages conveyed by Higher Self and guides: Your Higher Self is a part of your soul in a higher dimension. Your guides are also beings who have the expertise necessary to help you realize the purpose you were born. Receiving spiritual messages enables you to look at yourself from a higher perspective, whereas you have been looking at yourself from a more undersized stand. We hope you realize that your soul is much greater, and your soul's purpose is grander.

2. Spiritual counseling and spiritual coaching: Through appropriate questioning, we work on your own to get the answers. It is not a one-way session where we give you messages or instructions. The session focuses on aspects of you that you have not seen before and your hidden abilities and talents. You will be able to discover this on your own as the sessions progress.

3. Spiritual Advice for Brain Resistance to Life Changes: We help you notice "resistance" to positive changes such as upswings and upshifts from the brain science perspective and get into the flow of rising fortunes by observing your brain and your mind. When something new begins, it is essential to understand the change and take one step at a time while communicating with your mind, body, and soul. And by continuing to work on it slowly, little by little, day by day, it will eventually become a part of who you are.

4. Lessons on "cosmic savings" and cultivating an abundance mindset : Raising one's economic fortune means enlarging the vessel that can hold the energy of abundance and developing the skills to use it. It is essential to understand the spiritual aspect of abundance to do this. Abundance is the embodiment of the energy of the universe. Money is one of those embodiments. Money is also "a tool of exchange to get others to do what you cannot do for yourself." By learning how this tool works and how to use it, you will be able to utilize money as a tool for energy more smoothly. In addition, this program will also teach you about understanding money in its energetic aspect, the Law of Attraction, and how to save your cosmic savings.

5. Workbook: The program includes a separate workbook. Sessions are facilitated by writing in the workbook. The workbook has pages to work on before the session to make the most of your limited time by making a list in advance of what you want to ask during the day's session. The workbook has a page to reflect on the content after the session. This page is structured so that you can deepen your awareness by working on it over time.

6. Email Support : We will respond to your questions via e-mail an unlimited number of times and free of charge during your contract term. Since the Continuing Course is a set of daily experiences, there may be times when you need to clear your mind about events that occur along the way. For such situations, we offer spiritual counseling and spiritual coaching via e-mail. We can also provide readings if you want to know the meaning of a mysterious experience or something you saw in a dream. However, we may not be able to answer questions beyond the scope of our support services (readings of other people, beyond the scope of our program, spiritual readings in new areas, readings of ancestors, energy conditions of land and buildings, etc.). We may refer you to another paid reading session menu in such cases.

A 12-session continuing program

  • Remembering the purpose for which you were born and manifesting it in this world fulfills a broader intention that transcends the individual. The program is designed to be a 12-session course so that you can work toward this goal over a long period.

  • The first three sessions are recommended to be taken every three weeks to allow the brain to become accustomed to the new habit.

  • From the fourth session, we recommend that you check the pace yourself and have a session every four weeks.

  • Each session is 60 minutes long and can be done online or in person.

Application Limitations for 12 Continuing Courses

  Only a limited number of 2 slots are available for this program. We will be responsible for the continuation course for the duration of the program. To prioritize scheduling continuing courses, we are accepting applications for only two slots that we can afford to take at this time.

12 Sessions Continuing Program Fee

633,600 yen including tax for those residing in Japan (52,800 yen per month including tax for self-investment!)

For those who live outside of Japan, the course fee is 576,000 yen because 10% Japanese consumption tax is exempted from the above price. (Self-investment of 48,000 yen per month!)

Payment methods are available upon request.

The campaign ends on April 8!

 Apply and pay in full by April 24, 2022, and you will receive a ticket for 4 x 30-minute extended sessions (for a total of 105,600 yen, including tax).

 While the 12-session continuing course will focus on improving your own evolution, you may find that you need readings in other areas of your life. Tickets can be used in such cases. The duration of your subscription is for the time of the continuation program as indicated on the contract. Please note that tickets cannot be used after the expired contract period.

 The ticket can be used in such cases. e.g., to learn more about past lives, check your current fortune, aura, and energy reading, energy readings for pets, energy readings of Land and buildings, Feng sui advice, ancestral reading, messages from deceased loved ones, etc.

Examples of Ticket Usage

  1. Use as an extension of 30 to 60 minutes per session when you feel the need to deepen the session's content. (For a 60-minute extension, two tickets will be used.)

  2. A past life reading 30 min.

  3. Fortune reading, aura, and energy check 30 min.

  4. Land and building readings, and Feng Sui Advice of 30 minutes can be done from drawings or photographs.

  5. Ancestral reading of 30 minutes can be done from names, photos of graves, etc.

  6. If you want to know how your pet feels or receive a message, a reading can be done from a photo or video.

  • When using a ticket, please let us know the date and time you would like to use the service verbally or by e-mail, or use the reservation form to make a 90-minute or 120-minute reservation.

  • Single-use of tickets only is not available. Please make sure to use it as an extension of the 60-minute session.

Application and Inquiries

We would like you to include a few things in your application email.

How did you hear about the session?

Why should you take this course now?

What do you hope to gain or achieve by taking this course?

To register or for more information, please send us an email here.

We will reply to you on business days and during business hours.

Application Terms and Conditions

Please be sure to read and agree to the following statement before applying.

  1. Reservations are required. Reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

  2. For online reservations, participants must access the designated URL in person during the session.

  3. If you do not notify us of your delay 12 minutes after the session starts, your reservation will be cancelled on the day of the session. No refunds will be made in such cases.

  4. Sessions may cause you to suddenly feel drowsy due to the high energy state of consciousness. Please attend online sessions in a safe and private space where it is safe to fall asleep. You may not participate while driving, traveling on public transportation, or working on a task that requires concentration.

  5. Schedule changes must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

  6. Nothing provided in the sessions is intended to substitute for medical treatment (including psychiatric treatment, diagnosis, or treatment of any condition or disease) or medical care.

  7. Cancellation policies vary from session to session. Please check in advance.

  8. Please contact us at least 48 hours in advance to reschedule an appointment. Spiritual readings and sessions require advanced preparation. Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi begins work 48 hours in advance to prepare her energetic state, prepare the space, and create a connection with the client's Higher Self. The downloading of session information begins 48 hours before the session. For this reason, there are no refunds for cancellations after 48 hours. Please check your schedule before registering.

  9. If you have any complaints after the session that the session was not what you expected or did not meet your expectations or that you are not satisfied with the session, we will not be able to refund you for the reading and session time. Please make your own decision before applying.

  10. All rights to the session's content, materials, audio data, etc., belong to the spiritual counselor Sessue Izumi.

  11. Additional changes or deletions to the terms and conditions may be made without notice when deemed necessary by Spiritual Counselor Sessue Izumi.

  12. The above provisions will remain in effect even after the session is over.

  13. By submitting your application and payment, you agree that you have read this page in its entirety and agree to the terms and conditions.

 Continuity is power! We will do our best to support you. We look forward to working with you.





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