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I was interviewed as a biohacker and Human Potential Coach.

 Shigemitsu Tanaka, a reverse aging consultant, to interview me as a Bulletproof Human Potential Coach about my biohacking experience and how I became a coach.

 This interview is only in the Japanese language, but if you know any Japanese friends who are interested in biohacking, please share this information. I'm so impressed with Tanaka's video editing skills, please check it out!

Here is the URL of the video for the announcement

 I met Shigemitu Tanaka on Facebook through the Virtual Biohacking Conference on October 10.He lost 10 pounds in 4 months by drinking BulletProof coffee. Based on this experience, he has become a reverse aging consultant.

 He is also active in many fields, including publishing books on "Lao Tzu". After this interview, I had the privilege of interviewing him, and the recording will be posted on my Facebook log and CAFE YUKIA's website at a later date.

 The videos I've linked to are free videos for advertising purposes only, but if you sign up for them on Tanaka's website, you can watch the interview with me for a limited time.

The following is a copy of the introduction to this dialogue from Tanaka's website.

The following quotes  Watch for free (from the only BulletProof certified coach in Japan! (What are the benefits of biohacking?)

The only BulletProof Human Potential Coach in Japan talks about it! What are the amazing benefits of biohacking?

 Yukie Izumi is a certified coach at Bulletproof Human Potential, founded and supervised by Dave Asprey, author of the best-selling book "The Bulletproof Diet". She also holds an International Coach Federation (ICF) ACC certification.

 Biohacking has become a hot topic. In Japan, it may seem like a nonsensical idea, but in Silicon Valley and other health geeks around the world, it has become the norm. It is also a means of preventive medicine that is becoming more and more widespread and is expected to improve the quality of life by incorporating the latest information on nutrition and technology.

 The BioHacking online conference is hosted by Dave Asprey, one of the leading experts in biohacking, and we were fortunate enough to have two rare attendees from Japan (Yukie Izumi and Shigemitsu Tanaka) in the discussion. Enjoy! (Video approx. 35 minutes) End of quote





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