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The client for this session was Reika Kobayashi, a picture book author. During the session, Her higher self talked about the "meaning on a soul level" of writing picture books in text and vision.

What you are passionate about right now is the work you decided to do before you were born and the work the eternal universe wants to do through you - creation on a cosmic level.

Also, clients come to our sessions not by chance, but by the guidance of the inevitable. We do not live alone. We are co-creating our reality in various ways, hand in hand.

Video 27 minutes 25 seconds

The messages that came up in the session were very similar to the words from Reika's upcoming book, which will be released on November 11.

Thank you, Reika, for taking the 言霊Kotodama session!

Reika Kobayashi, a picture book author


A picture book "Negai no Tane/Seed of the wish" to be released on November 11, 2020

Unlocking the soul code of the name! What is a reading of automatic writing?

All you need for this reading is the client's full name. When Yukie sees the client's written full name, she tunes into its energy. The information at the soul level translated a message. And information data is conveyed as words and images through the Japanese brush of Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi.

During the session, Yukie will access a specific tone of sound behind your name. Yukie will transcribe the message in brush strokes at the moment. She expresses those as a single kanji, idiom, or sentence.

During the session, Yukie will be able to download and read the data from your Higher Self. That data is stored as a code or sound tone behind your name. Yukie will decipher that information during the session. When the information is deciphered, it is translated into Japanese or English through Yukie.

The information data Yukie gets in the reading is like a compressed data file and cannot be conveyed as-is. Therefore, please think of the session as decompressing a compressed file, deciphering its data, and presenting it to the clients.

What to do if you change your last name after you get married?

In many cases, it's a matter of deciding on your name before you were born. Even when you get married and your last name changes, it is still significant. The sound of your last name contains information about your role in your ancestral mission at the collective consciousness level. Your maiden name also includes the same information about your mission and role at the ancestral collective consciousness level.

The name mantra

Using the sound vibrations contained in the pronunciation of your name could heal your self. The tone of sound in your name is a mantra that heals you. That mantra is capable of repairing your aura and energy, regaining lost pieces, and restoring your life to wholeness as it appears in the three-dimensional world.

If you feel that something is missing or broken in your life, you can chant your name as a mantra, slowly chanting it as you exhale. The chanted sound's tone creates a specific vibrational pattern that works at the level of your DNA.

This session will help you learn more about how to use the name mantra in detail.

The message if you don't like your name.

Your name in this lifetime has a lot to do with your role on Earth. It also has meaning if you don't like your name. If you don't like your name, Knowing your true nature and accepting and loving yourself as you are is often the theme of your life. If you feel uncomfortable or disgusted with your name, take it as, "This feeling could be a message from Higher Self." Try to see it as a message from the Higher Self level.

Everything you feel in your heart has meaning. By accessing and recognizing the emotions, you will be able to release the things that have been clouding you and the blocks covering you. As you get more clarity, the next level of messages can come in. Yukie can help this process during spiritual sessions and coaching.

If you are uncomfortable with your name and can't let go of it, try to find a name that feels right for you. Maybe your current name that you feel uncomfortable with may be a discrepancy with your soul's inherent vibration, or it may be different from the name you decided on before you were born.

In this session, Yukie can help you to access your true self. This session will give you hints on creating your core, to reclaim your true self and authentic self. The answer lies in the sound code hidden in your name.

By reclaiming your unshakable core, you can reclaim your inherent power. It will help you manage how to use more energy in this three-dimensional world, the material world.

Ask yourself: What name did I choose before my soul entered this body? What name was I called in the world before birth?

Spherical offere for this session

Spherical offer for this session is a discount from the regular session price to allow more people to get to know our Spiritual Counselor, Yukie Izumi, and experience her sessions.

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