The power of the 言霊Kotodama

The meaning of "言koto" is a word. The word "霊dama" means "spirit," and it is called "Kotodama." In ancient Japanese philosophy, the divine deity is inhabited in everything. And it believes power in words.

Sound tones are the key to an embodiment. Everything is created from sound, and light emerged. You will choose your words wisely and carefully once you know that the sound's tone is the blueprint for creation and embodiment.

The words you speak creates your reality. "Why do I use those words? "If you look deeply at the following, you can realize the feelings and thoughts that you are unconsciously channeling. If they are harmful and not what you want, then you can change the channel of ideas. If you find it difficult to change the channel of it, then change the words you speak. That means you are changing the sound tone that you are making.

Spiritual Reading Sessions for international clients

This time I had a 30-minute session with Steven J Levy. Thank you, Steven, for agreeing to use the recording. And thank you so much for co-creation!感謝 for sharing the content with everyone interested in the session!!

Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi's mission

As a spiritual counselor, Yukie's mission is to share with you that your name and sound tone has meaning. It is a gift from the eternal universe that contains your own unique and essential codes and information.

If you can become more mindful of the words you speak and the sounds you ma