• Spiritual Counselor Yukie Izumi

"Louis the cat even visited us during the session. I saw his cute feet on the paper. "

※言霊Kotodama session is not available at this time.

I received a client testimonial from Kim Jacques, who recently experienced a recorded session.Thank you, Kim!

What made you decide to have a 言霊Kotodama session?

Kim: After connecting with Yukie on Facebook and reviewing her website I was intrigued. I loved the idea of being able to communicate with my highest self through Yukie's guidance. I know that when I am in tune with my highest self my life always flows the best.

What was your most memorable experience in the session?

Kim: The whole experience really was quite special from beginning to end. Louis the cat even visited us during the session. I saw his cute feet on the paper. In all seriousness though, Yukie creates a very fun and empowering environment in which to create clarity within your life. Her energy and care are the most memorable experiences in the session.

How will this session serve you in your life?

Kim: I have a deep seated pattern of planning ahead. Many times that has served me well in live, but lately I have been struggling with feeling I needed to let go of long term planning for living more in a short term flow state. I have had an inner struggle over this and my session with Yukie helped me to hear from my higher self that I am on the right path.

What is the appeal of the 言霊Kotodama session?

Kim: I love that it is a download from my higher self. This feels very empowering. I also love to watch the pen and ink create the image for us to explore together.

Do you notice any significant changes in your feelings or awareness compared to before your sessions?

Kim: I have seen the image of the dash and dot pop up in my mind as a gentle reminder to stay in the moment and wait for the next sign to make a change.

What makes a session with Yukie Izumi different from others?

Kim: I have never before experienced a Kotodama Session before so I have none to compare it to. It will not be my last though!

What message would you like to give to someone unsure if they want to take a 言霊Kotodama Session?

Kim: Any opportunity to gain clarity within life is amazing, but the opportunity to meet Yukie makes this Kotodama session very special.

Thank you, Kim, for your client's testimonial.

言霊session You can book a session from anywhere in the world via zoom, and you can book through Calendly, a booking system that takes into account the time difference in your area. PayPal can make payments.

Please read our blog here for more information about 言霊 session, trial pricing, and how to book. You can also find testimonials from other clients on my blog. You can watch a video recording of a 言霊 session, too.

※言霊Kotodama session is not available at this time.