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Feedback from an international client about 言霊Kotodama session.

※言霊Kotodama session is not available at this time.

「 It's helpful to open doors that are not accessible to you in your normal daily life. Knowledge is power.」Karen from the US had a 言霊 session with ZOOM.

What made you decide to have a 言霊Kotodama session?

Karen: I liked your book (THE RAINBOW CHILDREN INCARNATING FROM 6524AD)so much that I wanted to have some personal experience with your work.

What was your most memorable experience in the session?

Karen: Learning that I need to breath more deeply. I have always concentrated more on exhaling completely (for relaxing and reducing stress) but now I realize that I need to inhale deeply as well.

How will this session serve you in your life?

Karen: I wonder if the deeper breathing will help with hot flashes (since menopause). You had mentioned that there was too much heat in my upper body so I'm hoping it's related to the hot flashes and the breathing will help.

What is the appeal of the 言霊Kotodama session?

Karen: I'm just courious about things that I don't have easy access to in my normal life.

Do you notice any significant changes in your feelings or awareness compared to before your sessions?

Karen: I feel more empowered to move forward in my career. I feel I was given some valuable information about how to move forward.

What makes a session with Yukie Izumi different from others?

Karen: I know Yukie to be a genuinely kind and caring person and I trust her completely. I feel connected to her in a deep way and this connection makes me feel that I not only want to work with her, but that it's IMPORTANT for my life plan that I work with her.

What message would you like to give to someone unsure if they want to take a 言霊Kotodama Session?

Karen: It's helpful to open doors that are not accessible to you in your normal daily life. Knowledge is power.

Thank you, Karen, for your client's testimonial.

言霊session You can book a session from anywhere in the world via zoom, and you can book through Calendly, a booking system that takes into account the time difference in your area. PayPal can make payments.

Please read our blog here for more information about 言霊 session, and how to book. You can also find testimonials from other clients on my blog. You can watch a video recording of a 言霊 session, too.

※言霊Kotodama session is not available at this time.



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